Thursday, 26 November 2009

Why translate?

Ok.... so as a director of a translation company, I get asked ALL THE TIME, why should I translate my website? What's the point of it really, it's in English, my clients speak English...

The answer to this is quite simple. Opening up your horizons to other languages and potential markets for your products and services is only good business sense.

Take the example of the London-based businesses that have used the English to Spanish translation services of Translator UK.

Some of these companies haven't even gone through the expense of translating their entire website. Instead, they have translated a few 'core pages', about what their business does, and what their products or services are. They then go on, explaining that they will happily arrange for an interpreter / translator to deal with them if there are interested to learn more.

A simple idea like this (especially with Spanish) can suddenly make your company internationally recognised and start trading with Spanish customers as well as South American customers.

Think about what each language addition might do for you?

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