Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Translator UK starts blogging!

I have tried and tried to resist blogging, but the time has finally come, as the director of a translation company, that it is time to start voicing my opinions to the world. I promise to keep this as business-like as possible, but please don't hold it against me if I use this medium for an occasional rant!.
I will start by introducing AOD & Translator UK. Owned fully by my Spanish company, Acute Business Services. The AOD group is a fast-growing group of websites dedicated to local translation business in Malaga (where I am lucky enough to live) and throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.
The following are just a few of our websites:
Translator UK - The primary website for translation services throughout the whole of the UK. Based in London, yet reaching out to people everywhere in the United kingdom.
London Translation Services - Our London-specific arm that handles a wide variety of language pairs, and specialises in Legalised translation. Both certified and standard.
Translation Birmingham - Our Birmingham-specific arm that has been growing quite rapidly, gaining a reputation in Birmingham for being one of the elite translation companies around.
Glasgow Translation - Our latest addition to the AOD group of translation service providers, Glasgow Translation handles translation services for the whole of the UK, obviously with an emphasis on Scotland.
I welcome your feedback on all of these sites, especially if you are in search of translation yourself. We have done our best at providing full transperancy and providing as much information to our clients and potential clients alike as possible.
Much much more to come!

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